Chic Rebellion TV Tuesdays: Behind the Scenes with Producer Adrienne Lynch

Chic Rebellion TV Tuesdays: Behind the Scenes with Producer Adrienne Lynch

Chic Rebellion TV Tuesdays: Behind the Scenes with Producer Adrienne Lynch

When it comes to creating memorable shows and highlighting the human spirit, Adrienne Lynch is someone that takes pride in her productions through truth, storytelling and creativity. As the producer of ChicRebellion TV, the first and only internet TV network for women of color. She is excited to be a part of an innovative and history making team. “When I learned about this project I was all in. There is a large gap for decent and quality content for women of color. With ChicRebellion TV, everything was on point and the shows are interesting and relatable.”

Producer Adrienne Lynch, Tamiko White, and co-producer/co-director Antonio McDonald

Her path to production started with an interest in broadcast news. “I always had an interest in television and a passion for people,” she explains. Starting out in broadcast journalism, Lynch had her mind set on being a reporter. Once she learned that production had a strong hand in creating the story, her vision changed. She started to work in production. After leaving a  job in Allentown, PA she headed back home to Brooklyn and landed a job at MTV. “This was such a great opportunity that honed my producing skills and helped me create my own style when it came to producing. It was a wonderful training ground,” she says. One of her memorable projects that she is most proud of is the Emmy Award nominated episode of MTV’s True Life I am an Alcoholic. “I had the opportunity to step into a person’s life all day. It was heartbreaking. I wanted to show her this is not the life and I felt so helpless. After seeing herself, she changed her life,” she says proudly. Lynch is happy that she has the “ability to tell stories that will move people into action to be better.”

With extensive experience producing and the desire to help people live better,Lynch started using her creativity to create content for non-profit organizations. She started Adrienne Nicole Productions “My goal is to create change in a large capacity.” Her community work started in high school with volunteering, as an adult she focused on her career, throughout her journey of both community work and entertainment, she learned that “non-profit work is her passion. I thought, I worked in entertainment for ten years so how can I marry the two.” She has figured out a way to do that through her production company and taking on both non-profit and traditional clients.

She is excited to expand her work into online programming. “Internet TV is the future. Most people from the ages of 18-45 are online and the viewership has increased dramatically,” she says. Lynch leads a lot of projects and balances her life by “spending time with her husband, family, friends, traveling and enjoying people.”

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This article was published December 18th, 2012 by Yvelette Stines. 

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