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Adrienne Nicole Productions

Imagine lying in a hospital bed, surrounded by beeping machines and unfamiliar faces. You feel vulnerable, scared, and alone. But then, a friendly physician walks in and sits closely. The physician doesn’t ask about your weight and age, they ask about you— who you are – not the symptoms that may hinder you.

Adrienne Nicole Productions captures that same essence of humanity. We are a patient- led production company fueled by trustworthy and compelling video campaign creation to engage physicians, patients and caregivers.

We are the game changers. We don’t just tell a story; we embrace it, re-live it, and authenticate it with a diverse perspective. We are your partner for making emotionally charging medical and pharmaceutical video campaigns that stick forever, from clinical case studies to multi-lingual instructional videos for patients.


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You may explore our work on YouTube or Vimeo to see firsthand the passion and dedication we bring to every project.

We can help you reach your intended audience if you request a quote or contact us at info@producedbyANP.com or 929.552.4779.

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Authentically Telling Healthcare Stories