Small Business of the Month – Adrienne Nicole Productions

Small Business of the Month – Adrienne Nicole Productions

Small Business of the Month – Adrienne Nicole Productions

This month’s Small Business of the Month is Adrienne Nicole Productions and we have interviewed its founder, Adrienne Lynch. Check out the interview below!

Tell us a little about your business, Adrienne Nicole Productions.

Adrienne Nicole Productions is a full service video production company that creates video content across all media platforms, broadcast and digital, catering to nonprofit organizations and companies looking to document their story.

The team’s mission is to impact people with powerful images and words.

You come from an entertainment background. How does that influence the work you do now, considering you work predominantly with non-profits?

My entertainment background allows me to bring a different style to nonprofit video. Many nonprofit videos aren’t stylized and entertaining, that’s where we come in. If an organization wants people to get involved, it must pique their interest first. Once that happens, the organization needs to maintain that interest. Cool and well thought out videos can do just that.

What do you enjoy in your line of work?

I truly enjoy meeting different people and hearing different stories. I always get excited to hear how an individual has navigated through life; especially when they are trying to overcome or have overcome an obstacle in life. More “good” stories need to get out there.

How do you feel video can help a business or non-profit organization reach its goals?

The method of reaching donors and volunteers has changed drastically. Postcards in the mail aren’t as effective as they used to be. Donors and volunteers want to SEE results – immediately. There’s no better way than seeing the organization’s story and progress in video. This is also true for businesses. People between the ages of 18 and 65 watch online video 4-6 hours a week, so if you want to reach that demographic, it is key to tap into the power of video.

What is been your most effective marketing tactic thus far?

Word-of-mouth has been my best marketing tactic since starting Adrienne Nicole Productions in 2010. One nonprofit gets a video produced and other organizations in the area are interested. The nonprofit management world is pretty small and people move around, so a contact at one organization can switch jobs and become your contact at a new nonprofit.

What does Adrienne Nicole Productions have planned for the future?

Once we build our client list further, we can begin to fulfill our other mission of donating a certain amount of our video production services to nonprofits that just can’t afford high quality productions. We’ll be happy when every nonprofit has an opportunity to be heard.

How can people connect with you?




E-mail: [email protected]


This article was published April 28th, 2012 by Sunny Day Marketing. 

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