Adrienne is an Emmy nominated & award-winning Producer with numerous productions and 20 years of industry experience under her belt. She founded ANP to tell authentic healthcare & multicultural stories that show genuine representations of all people in media.

Production Coordinator

Mikel keeps ANP’s ship upright and is an integral part of the team. She ensures all day-to-day operations run smoothly and kicks into high gear during productions. She’s been keeping people and processes on track for 15+ years.

Senior Producer

Phoenix is a leader with proven results who has extensive live and live to tape experience and manages ANP’s productions. Resourceful in multiple environments, Phoenix has been the driving force behind sets for years. From commercials for Walmart, various MTV series, to specials for ESPN.

Director of Photography (DP) and Photographer

Arnaldo ensures that everyone looks great on-camera, and that his or her lighting is just right. He brings ease, proficiency and professionalism to each shoot. He’s been shooting for 10+ years.

Video Editor & Photo Re-toucher

Ivy keeps post-production humming as she weaves moving images, graphics and music together. She’s been editing video & photos for 10 years and is in love with making the final cut or finish, perfection.


Raquel keeps the creativity pumping and productions on time and running smoothly. She’s worked on top network productions and brings that experience to every ANP production. She’s been perfecting her talent for nearly 10 years.


Hugh loves to capture candid moments and loves when ANP’s clients say “I didn’t even see you take that photo”. Hugh enjoys being a part of the social issues ANP touches and believes publicizing them makes the world a better place.

Research Associate

Sara supports the team with project related research and wears multiple hats to facilitate internal operations and marketing initiatives. She’s a creative with 10+ years of research and content creation experience.